An Overview of Accident Reconstruction

An overview of the science of accident reconstruction, how it is practiced, the scientific principles involved, the various specialties within the field, its legal context.

Instructional Reports

Two-car collision on a rural highway

Indirect impact at an urban intersection

Pedestrian/Vehicle collision

Pedestrian/Vehicle collision

Sketch of above accident using free software program

Pedestrian/Vehicle collision

California Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists Third-quarter 2015 training exercise.

Two-car collision, graphical solution with momentum diagram

From a university-level Dynamics quiz.

Instructional Videos

Skid-to-stop Dynamics calculation

The calculations involved in calculating the skid length and time duration of a vehicle braking from full speed to a full stop are explained here.

Initial velocity from skid marks

Details how to get the initial speed of a vehicle, knowing the end speed and the distance it's slid.


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