No matter how simple, or complex… polyX

polyXengineering specializes in many areas of engineering analysis and design, including:

  • inside a gas turbine Control systems engineering
  • Mechanical design engineering
  • Mechanism and machine fabrication
  • Forensic engineering and failure analysis
  • Internal-combustion engine performance and analysis
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Fire causes and origin
  • Combustion, explosion, blast-wave and shock-wave analysis
  • Energy, including electricity production

We are experts in engineering systems and analysis.

The polyX philosophy

When confronted with system failures and their effect on our lives, many people adopt an attitude of inevitability, a belief in “random injustice”. After all, cars and airplanes crash, beams break, machines just stop working. But some understand that behind each of these events, there exists a series of steps, an underlying reason, an explanation. Somehow, in the limit, such events are not random – and thus, preventable. We believe that a careful analysis of the system, of its work history, of its design, tells the story of the failure.

If you believe that accidents don’t just happen by chance, that their cause can be deduced through careful, deliberate, methodical analysis, combined with numerical and experimental validation, then you believe in polyX.

If you believe that a product, system or process can be analyzed and verified along those same principles before any failure occurs, to determine the likelihood of future failure, then you believe in polyX.

If you believe that there’s a better way to develop and fabricate products and mechanisms, one that relies exclusively on the most advanced and proven engineering principles and software, one that utilizes the best laboratory facilities and employs the best people, then you believe in polyX.

We believe in the excellence of scientific rigor and reproducibility and in the power of analysis. We just happen to apply this philosophy to the analysis of mechanical failures as well as to the design and fabrication process. We believe in polyX.


Mechanical Engineering Consulting & Expert Witness
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