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Blender for engineering applications

Blender is a solid-modelling program, specialized for the computer-gaming industry that can also be used for engineering purposes, especially for animations and high-quality rendering of mechanical devices and systems.  At polyXengineering we are utilizing Blender for animations of technical devices to illustrate their function.  A machine can be shown "in action", that is not just statically.  It is our belief that after mathematical modelling, computer modelling, simulation, graphic-based simulation, the next improvement in modelling the dynamics of the real world will be in animation and visualizetion.  Blender is a useful tool in this endeavor.  Another notable feature of Blender is that it is open-source, that is without cost to download and use.

Modelling propeller blade - Part 1

Uses stations along propeller length to model shape of blade.

Modelling propeller blade - Part 2

The root of the propeller blade is closed in this video, using an add-on and sequential extrusions.

Modelling propeller blade - Part 3

The tip of the propeller blade is closed in this video, using proportional editing to make a sculptured, sharp tip.

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