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One company, many areas of engineering expertise

polyXengineering specializes in many areas of Mechanical Engineering analysis and design, including:

Control systems engineering

Forensic engineering

Accident reconstruction

Design engineering

Fire causes and origin

Combustion, explosion, blast-wave and shock-wave analysis

Internal-combustion engine performance and failure analysis

Energy, including electricity production

The company's name reflects the breadth of expertise of the company, covering many fields of Mechanical Engineering.  Expertise.  Experience.  Expert.  Hence the "X" in our name.  The two principals of polyXengineering are Dr. Patrick Lemieux and Dr. Frank Owen.  Both have industrial backgrounds in Mechanical Engineering, including offshore oil production, marine design, power-plant engineering, simulation, software engineering, motion control, and practical control systems engineering, aerospace system design, aviation and automotive systems, and failure analysis.  polyXengineering also reruits, as needed, a large number of experts in all fields of Engineering.  Both principles of the firm are registered professional engineers in the State of California.

polyXengineering, Inc.
872 Toro Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Principal:  Patrick Lemieux, PhD, PE
(818) 427 7230
Principal:  Frank Owen, PhD, PE
(805) 441 3995